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Origins of Manga

Although it doesn’t have the longest tradition, what we now today know as popular manga comic books actually is a traditional and cultural element of 19th century Japan. Of course, they’d have origins in Japan since some of the most popular manga series are based there, and here are the most famous artists as well. However, the origins of Manga are quite spectacular too.

You probably don’t know, but the term manga actually means cartooning and comics in Japan, and today we refer to manga comic books as those that are published in Japan.

It is notable that even today, people of all ages read manga comic books and are quite fascinated by them. There are many different genres – from commerce, comedy, detective, horror, romance, sports, adventure and even erotica for that matter. Since these are very unique pieces of comic books, they are also translated into many different languages as they have a fan base from throughout the world.

Although most often the stories are printed in black and white color, considering the updating in current comic book market, there are many colorful manga. Usually, they come in series in large manga magazines and there are different episodes with the different issues of the magazine. After they are completely published, they are being republished in paperback books.

Today there are many popular manga series that got their basis from some of the most popular manga comics.

Popular Manga Comics

Since Manga comic books are so popular amongst different audiences in all of the world, it is obvious that some would be more popular than others, specifically, there are some great manga comics that received a lot of awards and recognitions from general audiences and committees from throughout the world. In fact, some of the most popular manga series are based on them.

Dragon Ball

First of all, we’d have to give recognition to Dragon Ball which at the time it aired on TVs was one of the most watched shows by younger audiences. It talks about a boy – Son Goku on his mission around the world to collect the magic balls that grant him a wish.


Another very powerful, fun and engaging amongst other popular mange series is the Naruto one. This one speaks the story of a boy who is a ninja-in-training and his battle to become the best, while dealing with all sorts of obstacles on his way.

Death Note

The Death Note is a creepy, mysterious and interesting manga comic, talking about Light Yagami who is a great student with a bright future. However, he is really bored, and his life comes to a sudden change when he finds the notebook called the Death Note, which was dropped by a death god. All names in the book are names of people that must die, and this is just where the adventure begins – he uses the power of the book to rid the world of all evil.

Video Games Inspired by Manga

Just like manga inspired a lot of series and TV shows, it also inspired a lot of great games that all people can enjoy, including the Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, Dragon Ball, Digimon and the latest – Ghost in the Shell.

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