July 1924

Andrew Gustav Lindberg was born 19 July 1848 in Ore Bro Len, Sweden. He

           died 11 July 1924 in Rugby, Pierce County, North Dakota.

           He was a salesman from Sweden who made selling trips into Norway.

           He married Hannah Julia Olson about 1879 and then they came to

           America in 1881-1882. They lived in Pennsylvania and then came to

           the Dakota Territory in 1888 and settled on a homestead in Ness

           Township, the North half of Section 24 of Township 156 North, Range

           74 West, south of Tunbridge. The farm was called North Grove farm.

           In 1913 he built a house in Rugby and wintered there and in 1917

           they retired and moved into Rugby where they had built a house. They

           rented their farm. That land is now owned by Douglas and Joan

           Harmel. A.G. Lindberg probably owned 160 acres in Section 25,

           Township 156 North, Range 74 West in 1910. He also owned 80 acres in

           Section 30 of Township 156 North, Range 73 West which was just east

           of Ness Township.