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Piqua Daily Call

Piqua, Ohio

Wednesday, June 21, 1911




     Auditor Cron has received a complete set of the laws of 1910 in four volume, and a copy of Monaghan’s Legal Advertising Forms.  If you see Mr. Cron looking extra wise these days, you will know that he has been delving deep in legal lore.  After he learns all there is in that set, Mr. Cron will tackle the laws of the present peculiarly acting legislature.  When he finds out the difference, he will be ready to hang out a shingle.         



Piqua Daily Call

Piqua, Ohio

Tuesday, January 17, 1922




Highly Esteemed Citizen Lays Down Life’s Cares After Illness of Five Years.


     After suffering intermittently for five years from a complication of diseases, George F. Cron, city auditor of Piqua for the past 12 years, passed away at his home on Cleveland street in Shawnee at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning.

     It was generally known over the city that Mr. Cron’s condition was critical and his friends were more or less prepared for the announcement of his death.  His passing will be regretted sincerely among a wide circle of friends in Piqua and throughout this vicinity.

     Mr. Cron was known for his great efficience in office.  He was declared time and time again to state inspectors of municipal offices to be the best city auditor in Ohio and his record in public office will long be a monument to him.  He was an exacting man in his office work and always held himself close to the regulations as prescribed by the statutes and his close study of the law was frequently invaluable to the city whose affairs he looked after in a manner most satisfactory to everyone.

     Of a calm, quiet and retiring dispositon, Mr. Cron was of an unusually loving personality.  His gratitude to those who befriended him was never forgotten by him.  He was stern to his opponents in politics, but he always proved himself fair and impartial and in his many political battles in Piqua he always conducted his campaigns in a manner entirely befitting his disposition.

     Mr. Cron’s love of his friends was reflected in his entier character.  Little things that generally are passed by the average man were of great moment to him.  Neatness was one of his hobbies and beautiful things such as flowers were of never failing delight to him.

     Mr. Cron’s political career in Piqua is unblemished as is his record in public office and his passing has removed one of the best known and staunchest Democrats in the city.  He never took an active part in campaigns but his advice was frequently sought and his wisdom was many times accepted without queston and generally his predictions and suggestions proved fruitful.

     He was born east of the city on April 11, sixty eight years ago.  He had passed his entire life in the city, residing for the most part in Shawnee.  Prior to entering politics and becoming auditor of the city, Mr. Cron was affiliated with an installment house and previous to this was employed at the old Cron-Schneyer furniture factory.

     He is survived by his widow, who has been a devoted companion to thim during their many years of wedded life and six children.  They are Arthur and Gail Cron of Montana; Raymond and Lyle Cron of Dayton; Edgar and Howard Cron and Mrs. Cora Hennessey of this city.

     Arrangements for the funeral were not completed Tuesday but will be announced tomorrow.

Piqua Daily Call

Piqua, Ohio

Wednesday, January 18, 1922




     The funeral of George F. Cron, late city auditor, will be held from the home in Shawnee at two o’clock Thursday afternoon.  The services will be in charge of the Rev. Kauffman of the First Christian church.