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The Legend of the Manga: Dragon Ball

It is Impossible to talk about Japanese manga without mentioning Dragon Ball, one of the most famous and one of the most beautiful manga sales in France. This masterpiece of one of the greatest mangakas, Akira Toriyama, was published between 1984 and 1995 in the magazine Shonen Jump.

From the first volume, the story plunges us into the strange universe of Son Goku and Bulma, who will go in search of the Dragon Balls, magical objects capable of fulfilling wishes. In the future, they will make many friends and enemies that they will fight with martial arts and magic attacks (say Ki attacks), like the famous Kamehameha!

If the manga is well known, the Japanese Animated Series is as well or more. The New Super Dragon Ball series started in 2015, and the fans were pleased with this return. All you have to do is open the first manga and let yourself be guided to discover all these stories. :

  • The childhood of his Goku and his fight against Piccolo,
  • The fight against the Saiyans who have come to invade the Earth,
  • The rescue of the Planet Namek colonized by Freezer,
  • The history of Cyborgs and the Cell tournament,
  • The fight to save the world from the Boo demon.

You might turn into a great reader!

Hunter X Hunter: A Popular Manga in the World

Published by Kana publishers in France, the manga Hunter X Hunter is a Shonen of high quality published since 1998 in the magazine Shonen Jump. There are currently 36 volumes, but the series is still in progress. Two Japanese animated cartoons have been produced from this manga and the second series is the closest to the manga.

Hunter x Hunter tells The Story of Gon, a spirited young boy who seeks to become a Hunter, an all-terrain adventurer, but also to find his father, one of the greatest Hunters in existence. Upon passing the exam to become Hunter, he met several friends who would follow him in his adventures: Kirua, Kurapika, and Leolio as well as a great enemy: Hisoka.

The author, Yoshihiro Togashi, is also known for having directed the manga Yu Yu Hakusho, another very good manga. If you like fighting, humor and stressful situations, then go to your bookstores and read Hunter x Hunter, a great work!

The Cult of Death Note

What are Japan’s most popular comics? “Our world is rotten. Many men are, and those deserve to die ” – Light Yagami.

It would be difficult today not to hear the answer “Death Note” to the question ” What is your favorite manga ? “. Indeed, this seinen-like Shonen published between 2003 and 2006 revolutionized the world of otaku with an exciting story, sublime drawings, and a theme as disturbing as it is pleasant.

Death Note tells The Story Of Light Yagami who one day finds a notebook called The Death Note, in which one can write names. The people in the notebook all die. Thus begins the crusade of justice of Kira, the pseudonym of Light, against the criminals and especially against the investigators whose great genius L.

The manga is undoubtedly one of the best of the 2000s and even of the entire magazine Shonen Jump :

“Both through its narration and its graphics, the series is one of the models of the genre and becomes a real phenomenon of society” – Patrick Gaumer

Finally, did you know: we do not know the real identity of the writer, Tsugumi Ōba, who is a pseudonym. Another mystery that adds to this manga masterpiece!

Popular Manga Modern Days Manga: Naruto

Do you like ramen ? You like fighting and secret techniques ? So in this case you will love Naruto, the manga by Masashi Kishimoto, now very popular and translated by the publishing house Kana in France !

This is the third best-selling manga in the world ! Both the manga paper and the anime have received worldwide acclaim, receiving prizes and being adapted in all forms : animated films, video games, spin-offs, card games, novels, figurines, etc.

Naruto is a young ninja from the village of Konoha who dreams of becoming the chief of the village, the Hokage. Unfortunately, he is rejected by others because of a curse that affects him. In his adventures to be accepted and become a great ninja, he will be accompanied by Sakura and Sasuke as well as many other ninjas from all countries !

For the manga, you have 72 books to read and for the anime, only 220 episodes… so Much to get out there now!