The Best Video Games Inspired By Manga

The Best Video Games Inspired by Manga

The world of video games is full of new proposals, from games with totally original characters and stories to titles inspired by movie, comic, manga or anime licenses. Today it is straightforward to get a title designed for the Japanese market, since thanks to the popularity of specific series, many of the games receive translations into English and Spanish, but can also be imported directly from Japan if you know the language. For those who are fans of these Japanese arts, today we bring you a selection of 5 of the best video games inspired by manga and anime.

  1. Hokuto no Ken: Ken’s Rage

Exclusive to PlayStation 3, the Hokuto no Ken: Ken’s Rage is a game of fighting, beat ‘ em-up based on the renowned series Hokuto no Ken (fist of the north star). We control a martial artist who fights other warriors of amazing abilities in a post-apocalyptic future where blood and death abound. Much of his visual style can be related to works such as Mad Max, where elements of a desert future are combined and almost destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe and other aspects of action and violence.

  1. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

In PlayStation 2 is the game that many Dragon Ball Z fans consider to be the ultimate, the best game that managed to capture the essence of the saga as a whole. With a cast of characters covering almost all of the Warriors that appeared between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, The Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a complete and spectacular game on a visual level, full of amazing techniques, transformations, and fun.

  1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3

Naruto, by many, is considered as the successor of Dragon Ball, has numerous versions of video games. One of the most complete and loved by the public is Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. It is a game loaded with action, epic combat, and a cell-shaded visual style that reflects the graphic art of the saga to perfection. Fight with Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, and company in epic battles.

  1. Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel

The Evangelion series is still more current than ever: New Films, new series based on characters and different video game proposals for a complex plot loaded with spectacular battles with giant robots. Unlike the fighting games, Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel is a visual novel by PlayStation and Sega Saturn that ranks between episodes 11 and 12 of the series. Based on our options, there are three different endings, and the game style is based on conversations. It’s almost like watching a new chapter in the original series.

  1. One Piece: Gigant Battle

Many of the best anime and manga-based games are fightin’, mainly because the most successful series are shounen (intended for male teenagers). One Piece: Gigant Battle for Nintendo DS realizes this style of play: an adventure plagued by fighting where we can control the most famous warriors of the pirate anime One Piece and fight with their special powers.

What other video games based on manga and anime do you think we should include in our list? Recommend your favorite titles and expand the community of gamer guide followers.